Hi there! I'm Cassidy Archer, owner of Archer Socials & Events.

For the past 6 years I’ve been significantly invested in the creation/management of 211 Main Gastro Pub. 211 has taught me so many wonderful things; from managerial skills to communication & organization. I’ve been a proud General Manager, Kitchen Manager, plumber,

therapist (the best kind; I served wine) & now,

the Catering & Events Manager.


I always takes a creative & exciting approach to both events & catering. I’ve always seemed to be a little too organized; I had a shower schedule for my bridesmaids the night before my wedding (I had to consider the hot water heater, right?).

Nonetheless, being organized & creative at the same time gives me an incredible amount of joy & being able to bring other people joy by using those hobbies is nothing but a life’s bonus!


I decided to pursue a career in event coordination/management truly because I love people. I love seeing the genuine emotion that people experience around their loved ones; the look on their faces when their children are getting married, or how much laughter they share together during a birthday party. It makes me so happy to know that I had a little part in their jovial atmosphere. I enjoy every aspect of planning an event; which is why I’m quite flexible & offer a variety of options. 

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There are so many people that I couldn’t appreciate enough for pushing me in the direction of event coordination. I didn’t realize how much I’d love this pond until I dipped my toes in

(you get the point). 


So, that’s enough about me. Now let me learn about you & let’s plan something magical! 

Archer Socials & Events is an event coordinating business based out of Port Dover, Ontario. They’re partnered with 211 Main Gastro Pub  in order to provide you with delicious food, drink & service staff with ease. We will coordinate whatever you're thinking, work with you, keep you up to speed, organized & will leave you extraordinarily satisfied. Whether you’re having a small dinner party or a large wedding; our facilities & talented employees will ensure that your gathering is a hit! 

This is a passion of ours, so why not leave it to the ones who absolutely love pleasing your tastebuds with exceptional service?

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We Create. You Celebrate.

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